Sunday, October 1, 2017

Free Download Zombat Android apk games

Hello ANDROID ZONEERS, on today's post i will share with you about Free Download Zombat Android apk games, so if you searching about Free Download Zombat Android apk games you are comes to the right place...!

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Zombat Android apk games

You are about to download Zombat apk full version,best zombie shooter game.
Zombat is an Arcade style score chaser with easy single-tap play.
You are the unlucky janitor trapped in school during a zombie invasion.
Armed only with yourself and your ingenuity, you have to protect the kids, so you construct “Beef” - the zombie slaying robot with bats as arms.
Time “Beef’s” swings to bat items strategically to smash through the zombie horde.
Together you will save the day!

Zombat Android apk games


* Arcade style graphics with simple controls
* Battle infinite zombie waves coming down the school halls
* Gain zombie XP to level up for new upgrades
* Beat your high score by killing zombies
* Discover combo killing swings
* Make sure zombies do not get too close or “Beef” will need repairs that will slow down your progress
* Never let the zombies pass
* Free to play! (Ability to remove ads through in app purchase)

Zombat Android apk games

  • Many bloodthirsty zombies
  • One touch system of controls
  • High score
  • Different combos and power-ups

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